Jean Francois Morin

  • 06 NOV 1705 - Birth - ; Montmagny, Quebec
  • 1750 - Death - ; St-Valier, Quebec
Pierre Noel Morin
26 FEB 1672 - 27 JUL 1735
Jean Francois Morin
06 NOV 1705 - 1750
Thomas Rousseau
1626 - 26 JUL 1716
Marguerite Rousseau
07 SEP 1676 - 23 OCT 1730
Madeleine Olivier
1636 - 21 APR 1690
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Pierre Noel Morin
Birth26 FEB 1672Québec, Quebec, Canada
Death27 JUL 1735 St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
Marriageto Marguerite Rousseau
PARENT (F) Marguerite Rousseau
Birth07 SEP 1676Ste Famille, Ile, Quebec, Canada
Death23 OCT 1730 Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Marriageto Pierre Noel Morin
Marriage30 Mai 1696to ? at St Thomas
FatherThomas Rousseau
MotherMadeleine Olivier
MJean Francois Morin
Birth06 NOV 1705Montmagny, Quebec
Death1750St-Valier, Quebec
FMarie Charlotte Morin
Birth31 JAN 1701Montmagny, Quebec
DeathAPR 1785Montmagny, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Genevieve Morin
Birth10 DEC 1707Montmagny, Quebec
DeathQuébec, Quebec, Canada
MCharles Morin
Birth1716Québec, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Anne Morin
Birth1714Montmagny, St Pierre, Quebec, Canada
MFrancois Noel Morin
Birth28 OCT 1713Montmagny, Quebec
Death06 JAN 1750St Vallier, Quebec, Canada
MGermain Morin
Birth21 JAN 1712Montmagny, Quebec
MJoseph Morin
Birth19 JAN 1710Montmagny, Quebec
Death24 SEP 1752St-Pierre-du-Sud, Quebec
MIsidore Morin
Birth1715Québec, Quebec, Canada
FMarguerite Morin
Birth30 JAN 1697Montmagny, Quebec
Death11 FEB 1697Montmagny, Québec
FGenevieve Morin
Birth17 DEC 1699Montmagny, Quebec
Death14 JAN 1700Montmagny, Québec
FElisabeth Morin
Birth07 MAY 1703Montmagny, Quebec, Canada
Death27 SEP 1733Nicolet, Quebec, Canada
MPierre Noel Morin
Birth26 JAN 1698St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
DeathOCT 1768St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
Marriage25 JUN 1719to Therese Pelletier at St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
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