Jean Hamel 1652-1712

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]When Jean Hamel was born on October 12, 1652, in Avremesnil, Seine-Maritime, France, his father, Charles, was 28 and his mother, Judith, was 29. He had one child with Christine Charlotte Gaudry and one child with Christine Charlotte Gaudry. He died on August 17, 1712, in Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada, at the age of 59.

His mother Judith passed away on June 19, 1656, in Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France, at the age of 33.



Jean Hamel was married in 1677 when he was 25 years old.

Jacques Gautier, Elisabeth DeNevers, Jean Hamel, Christine Gaudry

1681 census; Jean Hamel 30; wife Christine Gaudry 21; son Charles 2; Jacques Gautier 34; wife Eliszabeth (mispelled) DeNevers 23; children: Francois 6; Joseph 4.

His son Jean Baptiste was born on January 8, 1684, in Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada.

Jean Baptiste Hamel


His daughter Elisabeth Ursule was born in 1684 in Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada.

Elisabeth Ursule Hamel


Jean Hamel died on August 17, 1712, in Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada, when he was 59 years old.

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The children of Jean and Françoise-Élisabeth

Françoise-Isabelle Joubin

Born June 5, 1694. There is no record of this girl. Monseigneur Tanguay mentions that she probably would have been deceased to the cradle.

Jean-Baptiste Jobin dit Boisvert

Born January 29, 1696 in Grondines. Godparents were John Trotier and Marie- Madeleine Aubert. He married Thérèse Chèné dit Lagrave. This is his first marriage, but the place and the date, are unknown. Nevertheless, we have the certainty of this marriage since their son Charles, marries Marre Agathe Arcand Deschambault, daughter of Joseph Arcand and Marie-Renée Chartier on August 7, 1752.

On July 29 1733, Jean-Bapitiste marries a second time in Quebec city to Margurite Chevalier, daughter of Etienne Chevalier and Maguerite Lessard. On August 3, 1734, the register at Grondines confirms Jean-Bapitistes death and states his ages as “around 40 years”.

Francois Jobin dit Boisvert

Born March 4,1698 and baptized on March 10, 1998 in Grondines. At the age of 29 years, he marries Françoise Lecuyer, daughter of Antoine Lecuyer and Marguerite Gaillou.  On January 18 1731, they went with the notary named Trotain in order to sign their marriage convention.

As his brother Jean-Baptiste, François died young. On September 26 he dies at the age of 30. François, his spouse, will give birth some weeks later to a girl named Marie-Anne.

On December 22 1739, Françoise will go to rejoin her husband.  One can wonder what happened to the children of the couple?  To who were they entrusted?  Impossible for the moment to reply to this question. There are no records to help us track their passage

Joseph Jobin dit Boisvert:

Born about 1702 in Grondines. Joseph receives a concession on Pierre St-Ours sieur de L’echaillon on January 13 1723.  The land is four acres of wide and forty deep in the seigneurie of Deshaillons, on the in front of by the Saint Lawrence River, between Jean- Baptist Leboeuf and non granted land. On November 7, 1729, he marries Marie-Josephte Lecuyer., the sister of Françoise Lecuyer in Grondines

Joseph and Marie- Josephte have, met the notary, Trotain, the day before their marriage to establish their convention. April 14 1734, while Marie- Josephte awaits their third child, Joseph dies. Josephs daughter,  Marguerite was born the 28th of May 1734. He was 32 years at death. Marie-Josephte raised the three girls herself.

Marie-Francoise Jobin dit Boisvert

She was born February 22 1707 in Grondines and died at the age of twenty-two in Grondines.

Josette Jobin

Born January 3, 1710 at Grondines. Alexis Joubin dit Boisvert and Charlotte Hamelin will be given all rights to land and buildings on the succession of Jean Joubin and the sum that they received of 340 Livres.

Francoise Joubin dit Boisvert

She was born on May 8, 1713 at Grondines and baptized July 2, 1713 at Deschambault. On November 9, 1739, she marries Bonaventure Savageau, son of Alexis Savageau and Marguerite Martin of Grondines. Francoise dies very young. Funeral was on February 12, 1742.

Charles Joubin dit Boisvert

He was born on May 23,1716 and baptized the 7th of June in Sainte-Anne-de-le-Pérade.He marries Marie-Anne Ripau dit Rollet, daughter of Jacques Ripau and Marie-Françoise Delorme of Grondines, on April 15, 1749.

Alexis Joubin dit Boisvert (Direct Ancestor)

Alexis (our direct ancestor) was born July 8th, 1704 in Grondines. He was the son of Jean Joubin and Francois-Elisabeth Renaud of Grondines, Quebec.


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