Marie Marguerite Demers

  • 24 SEP 1728 - Birth - ; St Nicholas, Quebec, Canada
  • 17 MAY 1748 - Death - ; Québec, Quebec, Canada
Eustache Demers
05 MAY 1673 - 14 DEC 1708
Joseph Demers
18 février 1704 - 18 MAR 1748
Marie Dubois
01 APR 1676 - 14 JUN 1745
Marie Marguerite Demers
24 SEP 1728 - 17 MAY 1748
Denis Boucher
06 APR 1660 - 17 NOV 1723
Thérèse Boucher
16 APR 1712 - 24 JUN 1726
Marie Jeanne Miville
11 APR 1671 - 03 NOV 1744
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Demers
Birth18 février 1704St-Nicolas Lévis Québec Canada
Death18 MAR 1748 Québec Canada
Marriage27 AUG 1725to Thérèse Boucher at Riviere, Quebec, Canada
FatherEustache Demers
MotherMarie Dubois
PARENT (F) Thérèse Boucher
Birth16 APR 1712St-Nicolas Lévis Québec Canada
Death24 JUN 1726 Québec Canada
Marriage27 AUG 1725to Joseph Demers at Riviere, Quebec, Canada
Marriage1712to Philippe Dubois at Lévis, Quebec, Canada
Marriage18 MAR 1748to Louis Francois Bourgoin at Lévis, Quebec, Canada
FatherDenis Boucher
MotherMarie Jeanne Miville
FMarguerite Demers
Birth24 septembre 1728St-Nicolas Lévis Québec Canada
Death24 août 1794Rivière Ouelle Kamouraska Québec Canada
Marriage22 Février 1745to François-Aubin Lambert at Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly
FMarie Therese Demers
Birth08 MAY 1739St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
Death12 AUG 1744St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
MAugustin Demers
Birth07 JAN 1737St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
Death19 OCT 1745St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
MFrancois Demers
Birth24 AUG 1735Lévis, Quebec, Canada
DeathOCT 1778St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
MDenis Joseph Demers
Birth07 OCT 1733St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
Death09 JUN 1755Québec, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Charlotte Demers
Birth27 APR 1744St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
Death02 JUN 1744St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Louise Demers
Birth03 MAR 1743St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
Death13 MAY 1775Québec, Quebec, Canada
MJean Francois Dubois
Birth25 OCT 1712Lévis, Quebec, Canada
Death13 APR 1749Lévis, Quebec, Canada
MFrancois Dumas
Birth1610Poitiers, Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Death05 JUL 1667Nanteuil En, France
MNicolas Dubois
Birth11 JUN 1724Lévis, Quebec, Canada
Death24 FEB 1759Levis, Clark, Wisconsin, United States
MDenis Dubois
Birth08 OCT 1721Lévis, Quebec, Canada
Death16 APR 1768Lévis, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Louise Demers
MJean Baptiste Dubois
Birth07 JAN 1715Lévis, Quebec, Canada
Death15 JAN 1789Lévis, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Charlotte Demers
Birth28 JAN 1731St Nicolas, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Marguerite Demers
Birth24 SEP 1728St Nicholas, Quebec, Canada
Death17 MAY 1748Québec, Quebec, Canada
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