Marie Catherine Ouellet

  • 03 MAY 1746 - Birth - ; Kamouraska, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Mathurin Rene Ouellet
14 SEP 1669 - 07 FEB 1719
Alexis Ouellet
10 FEB 1708 - 01 APR 1782
Angelique Lebel
09 NOV 1672 - 18 FEB 1738
Jean Moreau
ABT 1657 - 25 AUG 1727
Marie Catherine Josephe Moreau
08 JUL 1714 - 08 JUN 1757
Marie Anne Rodrigue
07 AUG 1673 - 14 NOV 1720
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Alexis Ouellet
Birth10 FEB 1708Riviere Ouelle, Quebec, Canada
Death01 APR 1782 Saint-Louis-de-Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Marriageto Marie Catherine Josephe Moreau
MarriageBET 1727 AND 1798to ? at Kamouraska, Québec
FatherMathurin Rene Ouellet
MotherAngelique Lebel
PARENT (F) Marie Catherine Josephe Moreau
Birth08 JUL 1714Riviere Ouelle, Quebec, Canada
Death08 JUN 1757 Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Marriageto Alexis Ouellet
FatherJean Moreau
MotherMarie Anne Rodrigue
MEtienne Ouellet
MAlexandre Ouellet
Birth21 MAR 1753Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
MJean Francois Ouellet
Birth15 MAR 1733Saint Louis de Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Death20 JAN 1781Saint Louis, Quebec, Canada
MPierre Joseph Ouellet
Birth1735Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
MLouis Ouellet
Birth09 OCT 1742Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
MEtienne Ouellet Dit Crochet
Birth22 AUG 1744Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
Death05 JUN 1804St Andre, Quebec, Canada
MAlexis Ouellet
Birth1736Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
MJean Baptiste Ouellet
Birth08 MAR 1739Kamouraska, Bas St Laurent, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Catherine Ouellet
Birth03 MAY 1746Kamouraska, Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
FBrigitte Ouellet
Birth10 MAY 1748Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
MMichel Ouellet
Birth08 JAN 1741Kamouraska Kamouraska Québec Canada
Death18 mars 1808St-André de Kamouraska Québec Canada
Marriageto Marguerite Guéret dit Dumont
Marriage22 Novembre 1762to ? at Kamouraska
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