Louise Renaud Locas

  • 1669 - Birth -
  • 26 MAR 1769 - Death -
Jean Renaud
1600 - 29 MAR 1712
Pierre Andre Renaud
1645 - 25 JAN 1713
Marie Laurence
1632 - 04 AUG 1686
Louise Renaud Locas
1669 - 26 MAR 1769
Jean DesPortes
1611 - 05 NOV 1669
Francoise Desportes
1652 - 13 APR 1736
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Pierre Andre Renaud
Birth1645Béziers, Herault, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
Death25 JAN 1713 Portneuf, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Marriage05 NOV 1669to Francoise Desportes at Sillery, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
FatherJean Renaud
MotherMarie Laurence
PARENT (F) Francoise Desportes
Birth1652St Marcel, Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Death13 APR 1736 Portneuf, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Marriage05 NOV 1669to Pierre Andre Renaud at Sillery, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
FatherJean DesPortes
MotherIsabelle DeGibruse
MPierre Renaud
Birth15 DEC 1672Sillery, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death26 JAN 1713Québec, Quebec, Canada
FMarguerite Renaud
Birth16 OCT 1676Québec, Quebec, Canada
Death13 MAY 1755Champlain, 1654506, Quebec, Canada
FLouise Renaud Locas
Death26 MAR 1769
FMarie Anne Renaud
Birth25 FEB 1680Portneuf, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Death04 FEB 1750L'Assomption, 1654493, Quebec, Canada
MFrancois Renaud
Birth01 JAN 1693Portneuf, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Death24 DEC 1777Terrebonne, 1654474, Quebec, Canada
FAntoinette Renaud
Birth1678Sillery, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death1750Terrebonne, 1654474, Quebec, Canada
MJean Renaud
Birth29 OCT 1671Québec, Quebec, Canada
Death04 DEC 1715Charlesbourg, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
FLouise Renaud
Birth1686Portneuf, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Death10 SEP 1757Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
MPierre Renaud Locas
Birth18 MAY 1684La Pérade, 1654506, Quebec, Canada
Death29 SEP 1740Terrebonne, 1654474, Quebec, Canada
FMadeleine Renaud
Birth10 JAN 1691Portneuf, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Death13 MAY 1755Champlain, 1654506, Quebec, Canada
MJacques Renaud
Birth14 APR 16891654634, 1654533, Quebec, Canada
Death16 APR 1762Québec, Quebec, Canada
Marriage13 Janvier 1724to ? at Grondines
FMarie Isabelle Renaud Locas
Birth10 JAN 1691Batiscan, 1654506, Quebec, Canada
Death22 JUL 1771Saint-François-de-Sales, 1654495, Quebec, Canada
FFrançoise-Elisabeth Renaud
Birth17 JAN 1675Sillery, Quebec, Canada
Death02 MAR 1743Grondines, Quebec, Canada
Marriage02 MAY 1694to Jean Joubin dit Boisverd at Grondines, Québec
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