Basile Jean Baptiste Morin

  • 1698 - Birth - ; Québec, Quebec, Canada
  • 05 OCT 1727 - Death - ; Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Pierre Noel Morin
26 FEB 1672 - 27 JUL 1735
Pierre Noel Morin
26 JAN 1698 - OCT 1768
Marguerite Rousseau
07 SEP 1676 - 23 OCT 1730
Basile Jean Baptiste Morin
1698 - 05 OCT 1727
Rene Pelletier
02 MAR 1659 - 13 JAN 1713
Therese Pelletier
1696 - MAY 1779
Marie Madeleine Leclerc
14 JUL 1672 - 28 OCT 1702
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Pierre Noel Morin
Birth26 JAN 1698St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
DeathOCT 1768 St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
Marriage25 JUN 1719to Therese Pelletier at St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
FatherPierre Noel Morin
MotherMarguerite Rousseau
PARENT (F) Therese Pelletier
Birth1696St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
DeathMAY 1779 St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-Du-Sud, Québec
Marriage25 JUN 1719to Pierre Noel Morin at St Pierre, Ile, Quebec, Canada
Marriage21 JAN 1725to Jacques Belanger at 1654868, 1654516, Quebec, Canada
FatherRene Pelletier
MotherMarie Madeleine Leclerc
FAnne Morin
Birth1732Québec, Quebec, Canada
Death20 AUG 1754Québec, Quebec, Canada
MBasile Jean Baptiste Morin
Birth1726Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death1761Québec, Quebec, Canada
FTherese Morin
Birth1725Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death02 APR 1800Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
FBasile Morin
Birth1730Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death1820Y, Somme, Picardie, France
FGenevieve Morin Valcourt
Birth1728Québec, Quebec, Canada
Death1795Cap St Ignace, Quebec, Canada
MAlexis Morin
Birth08 OCT 1740Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death14 OCT 1774Québec, Quebec, Canada
MPierre Noel Morin
Birth1740Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MJean Francois Morin
Birth06 OCT 1705Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MBasile Jean Baptiste Morin
Birth1698Québec, Quebec, Canada
Death05 OCT 1727Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MBenoit Morin
Birth1737Montmagny, Seine-Saint-Denis, Ile-de-France, France
FGenevieve Morin
Birth1733Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death20 AUG 1754Québec, Quebec, Canada
MPierre Basile Morin
Birth1726Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death1761Québec, Quebec, Canada
Marriage18 JAN 1751to Marie Angelique Blanchet at St Pierre de la Riviere Du Sud, Quebec, Canada
FMarguerite Morin
Birth14 OCT 1721Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death14 MAR 1777Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MPierre Morin
Birth1721Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death21 APR 1728Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Josephe Morin
Birth1733St Anne De La, Quebec, Canada
Death1803St Francois de la Riviere du Sud, Quebec, Canada
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