Augustin Mathieu

  • 31 AUG 1742 - Birth - ; Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
  • 08 FEB 1830 - Death - ; Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
René Mathieu
20 MAY 1706 - 04 JAN 1759
Charles Mathieu
06 SEP 1708 - 05 MAY 1784
Augustin Mathieu
31 AUG 1742 - 08 FEB 1830
Guillaume Dufresne
01 OCT 1676 - 28 DEC 1745
Therese Dufresne
09 MAY 1712 - 01 MAY 1789
Genevieve Ruel
30 SEP 1685 - 29 FEB 1768
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Mathieu
Birth06 SEP 1708L Ange Gardien, Montmorency, Pq
Death05 MAY 1784 St Pierre Riviere du Sud, Quebec, Canada
Marriageto Therese Dufresne
Marriage18 Avril 1735to ? at St Francois, Ile De Orleans
FatherRené Mathieu
PARENT (F) Therese Dufresne
Birth09 MAY 1712St Laurent, Ile Orleans, Quebec, Canada
Death01 MAY 1789 St Pierre Du Sud, Quebec, Canada
Marriageto Charles Mathieu
Marriage23 Octobre 1730to ? at St Laurent
FatherGuillaume Dufresne
MotherGenevieve Ruel
MJoseph Mario Mathieu
FMarie Francoise Mathieu
Birth04 MAY 1749St Pierre Riviere du Sud, Quebec, Canada
Death18 NOV 1825Lotbinière, Quebec, Canada
Marriage08 NOV 1779to Charles Basile Morin at St Pierre Riviere du Sud, Quebec, Canada
FGenevieve Mathieu
Birth02 JUL 1743Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death25 MAR 1795Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MAugustin Mathieu
Birth31 AUG 1742Montmorency, 1654534, Quebec, Canada
Death08 FEB 1830Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MCharles Mathieu
Birth20 MAY 1747Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death11 APR 1800Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
FMonique Mathieu
Birth04 JUN 1745Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Cecile Morin
Birth04 AUG 1732Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
FMarie Therese Mathieu
Birth10 AUG 1741Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death21 MAR 1772St Pierre Du Sud, Quebec, Canada
MPrisque Mathieu
Birth1736St Laurent, Quebec, Canada
Death06 DEC 1755Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
MRene Isaac Mathieu
Birth23 OCT 1751Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
FFrancoise Mathieu
Birth04 MAY 1749Montmagny, 1654528, Quebec, Canada
Death1795St Pierre de la Riviere Du Sud, Quebec, Canada
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