Marie Rose Morin 1789 – 1868

Marie Rose Morin was born on December 12, 1789 in St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-Du-Sud, Québec, which was about 10 miles east of Quebec and 58 miles east of Lotbiniere.She is the daughter of Charles Basile Morin and Marie Francoise Mathieu.

On August 21, 1810, Marie Rose married our direct ancestor Joseph Diuedonné Boisvert, 31,in Lothiniere, Quebec Canada. She would have seven children with Diuedonne.

Marguerite Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière on  February 27, 1812. Marguerite died a few days later on March 3rd and buried March 4th, 1812 in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière.

Narcisse Boisvert
(Our direct ancestor) Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière on March 23, 1813. He was baptised the same day. He married Marguerite Ouellette on June 20, 1843 in St-Louis-de-Lotbinère.

Basile-Bénoni Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec on  July 21, 1814. Basile-Bénoni died less than one year later on May 1, 1815 and buried May 5, 1815 in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec.

Basile Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec in 1816. Basile died one year later on July 4, 1817 and buried July 6, 1817in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec.

Olive Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec on May 10, 1818. She married Paul Lemay, son of Nicholas and Genevieve St-Onge, on August 1, 1843 in St-Louis-de-Lotbinère, Quebec. Olive died on March 23, 1880, and buried March 29, 1880 in St-Louis-de-Lotbinère.

Julie Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec on April 10, 1820. She died on June 18, 1823, and buried June 20, 1823 in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec.

Jérémie Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec on April 13, 1822. He married Euphrosine Parmentier, daughter of Louis Parmentier and Marie-Anne Chauvette, on March 1, 1859 in Nicolet, Quebec.

Marie-Louise Boisvert
Born in Sté-Croix-de Lotbinière, Quebec on October 31, 1823. She married Michel Leclerc, son of Michel Leclerc and Marie-Rose Boisvert, on September 12, 1842 in St-Louis-de-Lotbinère, Quebec. She died on March 22, 1844 in St-Louis-de-Lotbinère, Quebec.

On August 28, 1827, Marie Rose married Pierre Roberge in Ste-Croix, Canada. They had two children. Marie Joanne Roberge and Julie Roberge.

On February 17, 1868 Marie Rose would die in Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada.

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